Dr. Randy Knipping, Deerfields Clinic


Age Management & Medical Director, Deerfields Clinic

DeerFields Clinic is Canada’s Leader in Age Management Medicine. This sophisticated practice views aging not as a chronological inevitability, but rather a series of biological processes that can be measured, and therefore managed and mastered. Age Management medicine combines cutting edge technology with traditional medical practice and personalized lifestyle support to provide elite, customized care that strives to extend a person’s quality of life and healthspan.


Dr. Randy Knipping, DeerFields’ Medical Director, is an expert physician with over 25 years in clinical practice ranging from emergency medicine to aviation medicine. Dr. Knipping’s interest in human aging began while he was working as a forensic investigator. Dr. Knipping discovered the practice of age management medicine to be the best way to preserve the health and well-being of his clients. By embracing the science of evolutionary biology, Dr. Knipping promotes healthy lifestyle behaviors and personalized medical treatment plans to delay, and hopefully prevent, the onset of disease. 


Just 30 minutes north of Toronto, DeerFields Clinic is located on the beautiful grounds of DeerFields Stables and Country Inn.  This exclusive property is the ideal setting to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle rituals that are central to healthy aging. The expert and compassionate care of the clinic team combine with the world-class facilities of the property to provide a truly unique offering. Trust DeerFields Clinic to guide you on the path to optimal health and wellness.

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Chartered Professional Accountant

Dominic uses his thirty years of professional experience to  provide expert accounting, taxation and auditing services to owner-managed businesses and our individual clients. He also provides business consulting in corporate reorganization, strategic business planning and business financing.

Dominic graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1983. He earned the Chartered Accountant designation in 1986 and joined the Sloan Group in 1998.




Estate Lawyer

Howard Simmons assists our clients with their tax and estate planning, including the preparation of wills and trusts. His wide experience in corporate and commercial law includes business organization, business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate aspects of restructurings and acting for Canadian subsidiaries of multinational corporations. Howard has particular expertise in providing ongoing advice to owner-managed businesses. A number of our clients use Howard as a type of general counsel, relying on his generalist background, broad legal experience and honest evaluation of problems



Jim Wallace, Realtor


Principal, Sutton Headwaters Realty Inc.

Jim is the owner and Principal of Sutton - Headwaters Realty Inc. Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit helps him see the world in a different way from traditional real estate marketing processes. Jim’s entrepreneurial successes have developed an eye for value and technical details, as well as a creative flair. His abilities constantly impress clients, ensuring they find exactly what they are looking for.

His entrepreneurial past includes buying and transforming the historic Belfountain Inn, turning it into a fine dining restaurant with upscale accommodations, delivering the highest of standards and winning numerous food quality awards.

Always active in the community, Jim was encouraged to run for Politics and in 2003 was elected as Councillor. It was his experience as Councillor in the Town of Caledon that enabled him to clearly understand the uniqueness of Caledon and the desire of community members to protect the environmental riches the land has to offer. During this time, working with the regulatory bodies, he became an expert on the challenges of land valuations and land use planning – positioning him as one of the leading “go to” people for real estate in Caledon.

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Dale Burt, Family & Workplace Conflict Consultant


Family & Workplace Conflict Consultant

Dale Burt, MA Psych is a Workplace Conflict Consultant who helps to resolve and prevent conflict in the workplace. Dale offers confidential mediation services to help her clients resolve interpersonal conflicts at work while preserving workplace relationships. She also delivers training to managers and employees to develop the practical skills to de-escalate, prevent, and better manage workplace conflict situations with staff, coworkers, and customers.

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Graziani Corazza Architects Inc.


Graziani + Corazza's fusion of architectural vision and experience has created singular and iconic buildings by using materials that complement the urban and natural environment to produce sustainable settings. At the core of this Toronto-based architectural practice lies a corporate philosophy dedicated to viewing each and every project on its own merits, and then pushing the creative envelope to ensure the most unique and dynamic solution.

 We are proud of our accomplishments. Since our inception, our commitment to architectural excellence has produced a body of work recognized by our clients and the industry for its quality and innovation. It's a reputation we are looking to build on.

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Raymund Ancheta, Personal Training


Personal Training

When I’m not training clients or working out I like to spend time with my family. I also enjoy playing basketball, golf and any outdoor activities in my spare time.

I was inspired by fitness at an early age after watching a documentary about bodybuilding. I was intrigued on how people can change their bodies with training and nutrition, but also their drive and motivation to be the best they can be. I believe that with hard work, dedication and consistency any goals can be achieved. My passion is to help others believe in themselves so they can attain their fitness goals.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, train for a sport, or just get healthy, I will be there to motivate and push you to be your best!