A Family Office acts as a personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Chief Advisor to affluent families. The Family Office is made up of a dedicated team of professionals who have the ability to oversee and manage the complete financial affairs of the family but is also flexible enough to manage individual segments, as tasked. Family Offices have a long history providing a wide range of highly specialized and custom-tailored services, with origins tracing back to 19th Century European and American wealthy families.

Family Offices have become known for their unbiased advice and objectivity, and the coordination of services they provide with direct oversight from a family trustee or advisor. The purpose is to provide highly customized services for several generations of the same family.

Families who seek the need for a Family Office are usually faced with assets that have grown to a size that is difficult to manage on their own. As such there is the need for a solution where professional management is required, and is beneficial to the family and their financial affairs. A relatively recent phenomenon is the Multi-Family Office, a commercial enterprise established to provide services to multiple affluent families.

Our Family Office approach is based on a fee for planning and a flat percentage fee depending on the level and type of assets under administration. With this we will be able to provide multiple roles within your family financial affairs. These services can range from estate planning, lifestyle management, income taxes, coordination of professionals and establishment of philanthropic goals.