1. Comprehensive Planning

By integrating our financial planning strategy we are able to help our clients build and maintain their financial goals. From your estate and insurance planning to pension plans, TCPW will assist you in achieving your goals.

2. Client Satisfaction

At TCPW we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service experience to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Most of the client partnerships with us have developed into a deeper relationship with their families.

3. Philosophy

Our philosophy is to create stability for our client’s financial situations and goals, avoiding emotional highs or lows and being able to make their financial goals a reality.

4. Differentiated Financial Planning

By closing critical gaps in our clients’ financial plans, we are able to assist our clients in finding the best possible solutions and ensure they are implemented. We accomplish this by working closely with all professional parties involved in our clients’ financial status.

5. Legacy & Philanthropic Work

Creating a family legacy or strategic tax managed philanthropy is a key priority for most of our clients when it comes to financial planning goals. We provide our clients with resources and strategies to allow them to give back to those in need within their community or around the world. This can be achieved by creating your own Foundation through a low cost and low maintenance ‘Donor Advised Fund.’ In the same way, The Terra Cotta Wealth Foundation was established by the principals of TCPW to give back to their community and lead by example.

6. Trust & Integrity

The relationship that TCPW seeks to strive with our clients is one based on trust and integrity. We always act in our clients’ best interests and work diligently to find the best solutions to reach our clients goals.