Your employees can be one of your most valuable assets

John Hayes manages our Group Plan Division. Alongside his professional team, he works with business owners to ensure their employees have the most complete and cost effective living benefits, healthcare and life insurance solutions.

At TCPW, we work as an advocate for our clients with multiple solution providers including Groupquest (representing all the major providers – including Manulife, Great West Life and Standard Life), Benecaid and Group Health Benefit Solutions. We appreciate that each of our clients have specific goals and cash management objectives. Knowing this, we are committed to ensuring our plan sponsors receive maximum value for each benefit dollar they spend.

group risk management services


  1. We engage the client and members directly as we discuss plan designs and make recommendations based on client needs and budget.
  2. We review all documentation for accuracy and completeness to present to the insurance companies for the purpose of quotations.
  3. We discuss and make recommendations of insurance companies to which the quotation requests will be sent based on client’s plan design, number of employees and nature of business.
  4. We prepare and provide a proposal that includes a cost/benefit analysis, listing of any deviations and assist in making a final recommendation.
  5. We prepare and assist in the completion of all necessary documentation (application, employee enrolment forms, medical evidence, etc.).
  6. We will monitor the settling process for timing and accuracy with the insurance company chosen.
  7. We provide personal delivery of installation material and assistance in training of plan administration and processes. Employee meetings are provided upon request.
  8. We offer assistance in resolving elevated administration and claims issues.
  9. We provide and discuss quarterly or semi-annual claims reports.
  10. We conduct an annual review of insurers renewal, negotiate rates and make recommendations to the plan design if necessary.