The TCPW Philosophy applies to every client situation. Overall, we believe in keeping you closer to your money. We always have a clear understanding of what risk and return means to you. Our team recommends thoughtful and prudent strategies to achieve your personal and financial goals with a tax managed focus. We take control of what we can control and insure and protect against the things we cannot control.

The TCPW Discovery Process helps us to understand you and your specific personal/financial situation. We must understand your short and long term goals and dreams. We want to focus on your greatest successes and avoid what did not work. We want to know where you are today, how you got there—where you want to be in the future and who is important in your life.

Only then can we move ahead and deliver objective, professional planning and recommendations. We want to ensure that you are comfortable with and have a reasonable understanding of your financial plan. We work to increase the probability of reaching your financial and personal goals. The Discovery Process is on-going—we continually work with you to (re) discover, evaluate, decide, implement and review as your life achievements unfold.

The TCPW Financial Planning Process assembles all that is important and relevant to you from The Discovery Process. It helps you prioritize and then set goals. It brings your goals from a hazy, foggy, unsure future into a full colour reality. It puts them on a timeline and then guides you step by step to get there.

A TCPW Financial Plan may involve managing around sensitive family issues, protecting your assets, achieving a lifestyle, inter-generational planning, business succession or creating a legacy. It will fill in the financial or structuring gaps you may be experiencing and help unwind any conflicts. Your plan will help you navigate through the cross roads in life by helping you to stay focused on the big picture goals down the road. Most importantly, it is a process. It takes time and commitment on your part—and we are there to guide you along the way.

The TCPW Due Diligence Process has been forged with individual client goals in mind, our team confidently identifies reliable manager skills. We get to know the people and the culture of each investment firm. By maintaining a disciplined process we are able to systematically manage risk.

Financial planning and management