Michael Warrington, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer, Terra Cotta Financial Group

Michael is responsible for all aspects of corporate financial management and reporting for The Terra Cotta Financial Group and Oxygen Working Capital, including forecasting, budgeting, compliance and reporting. He leads the implementation of financial initiatives and the development of risk controls to ensure the safeguarding of corporate and client capital.

Prior to joining The Terra Cotta Financial Group, Michael served for over 20 years in senior finance roles at large North American corporations. As a Certified Management Accountant, his responsibilities included the day-to-day operations of the firms, as well as compliance and oversight. In addition, Mike was accountable for the formulation of financial policy and the development of controls. In his spare time, you’ll find Michael at the local CrossFit gym, raising the bar and pushing himself to new heights.

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Michael Warrington
Michael Warrington