The Terra cotta Wealth Foundation

Our Mission

The Terra Cotta Wealth Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of children and young adults, supporting safe homes for women and children, as well as community health. Our vision is to contribute to the growth of a healthy, vibrant, and caring community.

At the Terra Cotta Financial Group, it is important that our actions speak. Not only can we manage our clients’ foundations, but we have also created our own corporate foundation as a "Donor Advised Fund." We believe in giving back to the community that has been so wonderful to us.

Our company policy is to donate a portion of our annual profits to The Terra Cotta Wealth Foundation, which we then distribute to a select group of charities in our region. As we continue to grow and succeed over the years, we will continue to support the local community. We are proud to support these local charities.

Creating Your Own Charitable Foundation

“From success to significance,” is an adage that is familiar to the financial planning of many of our clients. Creating a legacy and giving back to the community and those in need has become an important personal priority. To optimize and streamline these personal goals, we offer our clients a more effective way to give back.

The "Donor Advised Fund" is a time and tax efficient charitable foundation to handle all of your philanthropic passions. Your foundation is a sub-foundation of a public charity administrator called Canada Gives. It was created for the express purpose of housing Donor Advised Funds. You are able to name your foundation, maintain all control, and receive all tax deductions. With this structure, Canada Gives manages the majority of the administration, accounting and regulatory work associated with the foundation.

Your contributions are made directly to your own foundation while avoiding various restrictions imposed on private foundations. You will receive a tax receipt for each new contribution, in any year, and all distributions from your foundation can be made in the name of your Foundation or anonymously—always your choice.

There are several advantages to creating a foundation to manage your charitable donations:

  • The Terra Cotta Financial Group oversees the ongoing administration to ensure all donations are as effective as possible.
  • The contributions provide tax savings directly to the contributor (you, your own corporation or donors - anyone can donate to your foundation and receive a tax receipt).
  • Asset growth within the foundation accumulates tax-free.
  • Donations can be made in cash or securities. There is even a plan to avoid tax using a foundation in the sale of a private company.
  • The foundation can be named as the beneficiary of your registered assets, which will eliminate any tax liability in the case of death.
  • The opportunity exists to continue giving as part of your legacy.
  • It is a hands-on way to teach the next generation about the importance and responsibility of giving back to the community—whether local or global.