What We Do

The Terra Cotta Financial Group's mission is to build wealth, preserve capital, and protect assets. It’s that simple. We provide clarity, guidance, and management of personal wealth. We help our clients bridge their financial gaps, help them navigate the crossroads of life, and protect or enhance their long term financial health.

We’re proud that we’ve been able to deliver that "something better" to our clients, high net worth individuals who expressed frustration with the way their wealth was being managed. They are people who have outgrown their current bank or broker and are looking for a new wealth management partner. Our clients appreciate our perspective and understand that it is rooted in a business model that delivers prosperity and security at the same time. After a lifetime of building their wealth, we give our clients the peace of mind in knowing it’s entrusted to an experienced fiduciary, so that they are able to live their inspired life.

Private Wealth

Financial Planning, Insurance, Tax,
and Estate Planning

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Investment Counsel

Private and Public, Alternative, and
Limited Partnership Investment Opportunities

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Strategic Capital

Private Equity, Private Debt, and
Proprietary Capital Management

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Health & Benefits

Customized Independent Group Insurance and
Health Benefits for Family Business

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