Why Do I Need Equity Exposure In My Portfolio?| Graphs and charts

Why Do I Need Equity Exposure In My Portfolio?

By Bruce Moffatt | November 20, 2020

The media reporting today highlights countless geopolitical talking points that are calling for the end of the world. Global pandemic data routinely shakes the confidence of our population multiple times per day. The result…stock markets around the world are in…

Man whispering in his daughter's ear

Should You Tell Your Children How Much You Make?

By Bruce Moffatt | November 11, 2020

“Financial transparency comes only with a readiness — and it takes a decade or so to give them enough knowledge and context to make the information meaningful and for you to feel safe sharing it.” From Ron Lieber’s book The Opposite…

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The Pandemic Pivot: Shedding Old Habits and Creating New Ones

By Bruce Moffatt | October 22, 2020

It will be quite some time before we understand the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the history of such shocks tells us two things. Even in severe economic downturns and recessions some companies are able to gain advantage.…

The word 'bias' in wooden blocks with a small succulent behind

Investor Biases: “Oh, the humanity!”

By Bruce Moffatt | October 14, 2020

Here we are, poking fun at that powerful, yet delicate, and sometimes malfunctioning, piece of anatomy called the human brain. Investor biases fall into two categories: Cognitive Biases and Emotional Biases. Some call them “heuristics” – or simple rules of…

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Are We In Control?

By Bruce Moffatt | September 21, 2020

Are We In Control? The markets have experienced quite a roiling in the last six months. Some people are wondering if they’re invested correctly. They are asking, “What is going on out there? Are we doing the right thing?” The…

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Why Is Bruce at Terra Cotta Blogging?

By Bruce Moffatt | September 11, 2020

“Seriously! Why in the world would I want to Blog?”  — Bruce “Because…”, my media guru Christine said, “you have a lot of great ideas and opinions. You always seem to have cool, little, sage financial stories and strategies that…