Why Is Bruce at Terra Cotta Blogging?

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“Seriously! Why in the world would I want to Blog?” 
— Bruce

Because…”, my media guru Christine said, “you have a lot of great ideas and opinions. You always seem to have cool, little, sage financial stories and strategies that make sense. You should be getting your ideas out there.”

Well, I was flattered of course — and she was very kind (maybe I’m paying her too much) — but, she is right. Getting your comments, ideas, and guidance out to your clients and friends in a timely, easy to read manner is THE way to communicate in today’s fast moving, harried world.

Blog letter stamps spelling the word blog | Terra Cotta's new blog!

Terra Cotta’s New Blog

We are excited to launch our new blog and I hope that you find it informative, fun, and helpful.

What you can expect from me is quick, interesting, simplified ideas, strategies, and anecdotes. I have always thought of myself as the “king of the bullet point” because:

  • People today don’t read, they skim.
  • If a headline doesn’t catch them, they’re gone.
  • Too much information confuses the point.
  • People generally only remember three things at a time (well, that blows this point).

So that’s what I will endeavour to do, from my vantage point, sitting high atop the electronic nether world. Week in and week out, I will distill the mainstream media grog into some fine vintage sipping text.

Who knows what I’ll come up with next…but I can assure you that I am rarely mainstream and am often accused of being too irreverent for a financial guy.

“You don’t write because you want to say something,
you write because you have something to say.”
 F. Scott Fitzgerald

So here we go…welcome aboard Terra Cotta’s new blog!